“Education and economic opportunity are the best crime-fighting techniques” writes Editor Bernie Dagenais in this week’s Philadelphia Business Journal.  Here at the Chamber, we couldn’t agree more.  Bernie’s editorial highlights our position on the current situation in Philadelphia and our ongoing conversation with PhillyInq and Phil Goldsmith at the Daily News.

“The chamber, which supports the legislation Goldsmith wants passed, created more than 1,000 internships last summer.  The group used political capital to coax members to hire interns.  Chamber members mentor youth.  They bring students into their offices, where employees tutor them on reading.  They will be all over the city for two days of service this weekend, organized by two different regional organizations.  These activities create a connection to help youths see the fruits of productive labor, giving them something to strive for.

Goldsmith is right to say crime is an economic issue, affecting the city’s ability to market itself as a good place for business.  But to suggest that business leaders in general, and the chamber in particular, don’t care enough because the crimes usually aren’t taking place in Center City, fails to give the business community credit where it’s due.  Considering the makeup of the city, it is also racially divisive and simply wrong headed.”

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