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100 N. 18th St., Ste. 300
Two Logan Square
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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Team Leaders Training

Contact Information

Business Information

  • Established in 1990
  • Women Owned Business view similiar »
  • Located in Philadelphia County
  • 20 Full-Time Employees
  • $1 Mil - $9 Mil in Annual Revenue

Business Description

Founded in 1990, Team Leaders Training is a consulting firm dedicated to maximizing leader and team development potential. Our result-based approach is simple to grasp, retain and implement. You can be sure we will deliver dynamic information-packed presentations that won’t be forgotten.

Organizations built to last must have innovative leaders and team members who can deliver on the mission’s promise. Successful companies depend on wise leadership and effective teamwork to strengthen: commitment, cooperation, common mission, shared values and accountability. The discrepancy between the promise of available talent and delivery on their potential raises questions that must be considered. Are learning opportunities being provided to develop the resilient competencies required for sustained success in the “new economy”? Demands of the 21st century necessitate commitment to building a powerfully effective learning based culture. Our consulting firm creates blueprints for organizational revitalization, renewal and regeneration. We’ve developed an innovative Mindfulness Training approach to Team Leadership that cultivates the proactive resilient empowerment necessary to wisely cope with disruption, strengthen relational interpersonal communication under stress, sustain efficacious problem solving under pressure and bounce back from unavoidable obstacles.

Whether a leader, team player or both, our powerful inspirational programs will strengthen your performance, impact and influence. Learn how to transform the individuals from your company into an innovative, robust, effective, and peak-performing team.

Choose from online seminars, workshops, courses, coaching, or private individual teleconference consults to discover “must have” solutions for outstanding productivity.

Member Details

  • Member Since 2017